Been There.
Got The T-shirt.

Jimmy Moore - Founder

Jimmy Moore, founder of Smart Agent, has learned a few things over 13 years in the business. From buying and selling agencies, growing businesses from scratch that have risen to the top, and even being on the inside, he is bringing knowledge to those wanting to succeed in the insurance industry.


His willingness to serve is what sets his agency apart from others.

Coaching and Consulting

Jimmy Moore has learned that the path to success requires discipline. Today he is coaching fellow agency owners on how to avoid pitfalls and be smarter as they lead their teams and grow business.

Track Record:

• Built and sold 6 agencies from scratch totaling over $20 million in organic written premium.

• Built and lead some of the top teams in the industry. Many have gone on to successful agency ownership.

• Developed highly successful lead generation processes that produce abundance of qualified prospects

• Is an industry expert in recruiting & training, lead generation, operations & how to build financial controls.



Great teams need great strategy to win. We have developed successful strategies that yield results.



Putting the team and strategy together into a streamlined process equals a beautiful thing.



Great results come from great teams. We can help you know what to look for in top talent. Stack your team to win.


"Greatness lies in all of us, but often times it is buried beneath our areas of weakness. This is where I begin to help agency owners uncover their greatness and achieve their goals."

- Jimmy Moore