What People Are Saying

"Since working with Smart Agent, our quote volume is up, our closing ratios have doubled and we are closing more business than we have in 20 years!"

- L. Stevens

"I hired Smart Agent Consulting because I wanted to tap into their experience to implement new lead generation processes in my agency. We have been doing good the last few years but I'm ready to take my agency to the next level and I knew that I needed help. I have have been impressed and Jimmy exceeded my expectations."

- N. Marcus

"Working with Jimmy has changed the way that I look at my business forever. Smart Agent Consulting has helped me create a clear path that aligns with the vision for my agency."

- P. Richards

"The Smart Agent Process has gotten my agency back on track !"

- B. Gomez

"Our spending was out of control. Smart Agent helped us uncover our bleeding and got us on the road to healing."

- M. Martinez